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VO Tip!


Starting today, we will give you a tip about the art of Voice Over acting every week!

This is our first VO Tip!

This is a simple way to determine the difference between a simple “voice-over” and a “voice-acting” performance

A Voice-over performance meet one or more of the following:

1) It sounds like you a reading a script.

2) The objective is to “sell” something.

3) The content tends to be loaded with information and no emotional content.

4) The effect of the message is to create “listener tune-out”.

A Voice-Acting performance has ALL of the following characteristics:

1) A character is created and the performer created the feeling of a conversation.

2) The objective is to “tell a story” so the listener relates in an emotional level and to keep the listeners attention.

3) The message is emotional and has a focus.

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